Dream Big


I have a friend who has purchased a batch of baby chicks so that her family can partner together and create some mutually beneficial business.

In other words, she wants them to lay eggs so that her family can eat. She feeds the chicks, they grow, lay eggs and her family gets fed in return. Everything comes full circle. It’s a win-win for all involved.

Recently, her husband put a positive quote in the hen house along with one large egg to encourage the chicks to dream big. I loved this. So let me say to you…

Dream big my peeps!

It’s a simple concept but one we need to remember. I do believe that God dreams big for us and maybe, just maybe, He is putting an ostrich egg of a dream in your thought process that just seems bigger than you can possibly imagine. Little or ordinary things will become more meaningful when you open your mind to possibilities.

Do it…believe and know that God has big dreams for you. We want great things, we have been given great things and we serve a great and mighty God.

What can stop us?

Photo courtesy of Shelley Wilburn