The C-side of life.


45-rpm records always had an A-side and a B-side. The A side featured a recording that the artist felt was the best and most likely to receive “air play” on a radio station. In other words, it was the song most likely to become a hit with the public. Everyone wanted to hear the A-side and revel in greatness.

The B-side was a gamble and an additional “bonus” track that had potential although it retained a secondary ranking. No guarantees on the B-side.

This was the sort of musical record so many of us grew up playing. I remember placing the needle at the edge of the 45 disk and then flipping the record over later to check out the B-side. But most days, I wanted to play the A-side repeatedly. I wanted greatness.

If life were only that simple. If all our days were A-days and we could keep repeating them over and over. But some days are B-days and some days are worse. Some days are C-days. C-days are the hardest where there are few hits to be found.

We are not always promised A-days and in fact, C-days will happen more than we would like. But a person of faith knows that you power through knowing that the A-side of life will return.

And it will.