Is there a car line in heaven?


I don’t mean to be irreverent but it struck me yesterday after waiting in line for various things (groceries, school pick-up, post office) that there might be a line to get into heaven.

If we were honest, we ALL want a guaranteed spot in heaven, but there are so MANY of us who want the same thing. After all this time in my earthly home, it just struck me funny that there might be a wait to get in. It’s probably not funny in truth.

I hope it is not a long wait.

I’m anxious to see Jesus. I’m anxious to see family. I’m not into delayed gratification. Is that selfish? I can wait my turn but I’m not big on waiting.

But maybe, just maybe, this life is our earthly wait to see Jesus. Maybe we are already in “line” for the King.

It’s what we do while we wait that makes the difference.

The Waiting Game


Due to my chosen profession, I spend a great deal of my day waiting for something.

I wait for contracts, buyers to view homes, handymen, appraisers, phone calls, emails, and more. Even driving in busy traffic, I wait for lights to change, people to move over, and turn signals.

I wait a lot.

I know I am not alone in this issue. We all wait on something. Some things are more challenging than others. I have friends who are currently waiting on jobs, divorce, love, death, and one is waiting on a miracle for their child.

As God’s beloved and chosen ones, we need to learn to wait patiently. I know it is hard but we need to learn to wait on the Lord. It is in the waiting that your character is revealed.

It is in the waiting that you find answers.

It is in the waiting you will hear the whisper of your name.

It is in the waiting that God holds your hand.