Be Kind Anyway



Some days I still have the capacity to be shocked.

People of faith tend to be the ones who disappoint the most. I expect more of them, but this is pretty unrealistic even in the best of times.

I’m not totally jaded, I still expect good behavior from everyone although this is often not the case. If I were honest, I am probably just as guilty.

I revert to the words of Mother Teresa “If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.”  When wronged, we must let it go and forgive as we take a step forward in faith.

To dwell on the negative is self-defeating. And the thing I refuse to be is defeated!

Today…I will be kind anyway.


Making good choices…

Wrong- right concept
We constantly teach our children and grandchildren to make good choices in life. Making good choices has positive ramifications.

However, I made a decision recently in haste. It was not a good one. It was a bad choice which went against my personal beliefs. I’m not proud of my actions.

While it is nothing dastardly, I still know I was wrong. I compromised and then justified when I should have held true to my core beliefs. I made a mistake.

Do unto others is not just an empty statement. It’s a truth. When we take short-cuts or try to validate our decisions, it should be an immediate warning that we are going in the wrong direction.

Sometimes it is harder to do the right thing – but in the end, it’s better than trying to correct the wrong thing.

I’m just glad that I have a God who helps me see the right path and guides me in the way of righteousness.