Making good choices…

Wrong- right concept
We constantly teach our children and grandchildren to make good choices in life. Making good choices has positive ramifications.

However, I made a decision recently in haste. It was not a good one. It was a bad choice which went against my personal beliefs. I’m not proud of my actions.

While it is nothing dastardly, I still know I was wrong. I compromised and then justified when I should have held true to my core beliefs. I made a mistake.

Do unto others is not just an empty statement. It’s a truth. When we take short-cuts or try to validate our decisions, it should be an immediate warning that we are going in the wrong direction.

Sometimes it is harder to do the right thing – but in the end, it’s better than trying to correct the wrong thing.

I’m just glad that I have a God who helps me see the right path and guides me in the way of righteousness.