How to avoid Stewardship Sermons


It happened last week. The annual stewardship sermon.

I could use this post as my chance to chastise people for the way they look at and follow through with giving their tithe. But, I won’t do it. I’m no saint, in fact, I’m a sinner – just like you. But, I will share a few things.

I am shocked at the low number of people who willingly put down in writing their goal for the coming year in terms of giving. As a business person, I have a plan and set goals each year for my production. How is it not the same with your financial plan for giving to your church?

Why is it so hard to talk about money? I welcome an honest congregation who just spells it out and asks for help. It amazes me at how different faiths and different people react to this concept of giving.

We can love the Lord with all our hearts, all our souls and all our minds but if you are going to do this…you have to give.

How do you avoid stewardship sermons? You don’t go to church. But then you will be the worse for that decision.

It’s as simple as that.