The lost art of Letter Writing


My friend and artist, Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson has sent out a plea for people to write her a personal letter. Directions can be found on her blog at

Elizabeth uses handwritten letters in her paintings. It is special and poetic and so lovely to see how Elizabeth creates masterpieces from scraps of paper.

I try to write letters as often as possible. There are few things more thoughtful than receiving a hand-written letter from someone. The time it took to write and to think through the writing process is what makes a letter so intimate. It is a dying art form and I wish more people would spend the time writing something to someone once a day. I truly consider it art. So does Elizabeth.

I think back to Paul sitting in prison writing letters to the early Christian churches. Not only did Paul’s letters cheer weary souls but it also showed how much he cared for them even during the worst of circumstances. Paul’s letters live on today in the New Testament with wisdom we still use to enrich our lives.

I doubt Paul realized his letters would travel so far but I’m glad he wrote them. Paul’s writings glorify Christ in a unique and special way.

Send Elizabeth a letter. Better yet, send someone you love a letter.

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.” Philippians 1:3