Duck Dynasty

ImageGrowing up in a lakefront home in Miami, Florida, I was lucky to watch nature in action. We had a lot of different birds, ducks, geese, storks and various beautiful water fowl. It was a great lesson in nature and how God’s creatures adapt and survive.

One day I noticed a small baby duck in the lake that was swimming in circles and trying desperately to get to shore. His wailing “peep” was pathetic. I walked into the water and retrieved him only to see that his leg was broken. My Dad rushed the duck to the vet who told him he could not be saved and that his leg would not heal. My Dad told the Veterinarian that he was going to bring the baby duck home to his kids and we would care for him.

The duck returned home and my Grandfather quickly named him “Gimpy”. Gimpy was not expected to live long but we kept him in our tub (I know about sanitation but we are talking about 9 year old kids here) and as he grew older we put him outside our back door. Despite the odds, Gimpy learned to hop on his one good leg and would even swim in the shallow water to bath himself although he could only swim in circles. For the most part, he lived on table scraps and sat under our shade tree every day. Our dog protecting him from other ducks who would do him harm (another nature lesson for another blog). We all had Gimpy’s back – he was safe with us.

Gimpy lived a long and I would like to think, happy life. He would let us pet him and was unafraid. He made the most of his disability and Gimpy was a great duck and a local celebrity. I’m glad Dad saved him from death.

And so it goes with our Father in heaven. It may sound trite but we are broken, bruised and damaged. Most would give up on our wrecked souls. But God looks down and gives us shelter, food and blessings. He loves us all – even the gimpy ones.