I Am Jesus Little Lamb

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I am Jesus’ little lamb,
Ever glad at heart I am;
For my Shepherd gently guides me,
Knows my need, and well provides me,
Loves me every day the same,
Even calls me by my name.

When my daughter JJ was in Kindergarten, her class performed this song at an Easter concert. It wasn’t just because she was my youngest daughter but the words of the song and the earnest way she was singing made me cry.

There are certain moments in life that just stick in your memory forever. We like to call them “Kodak” moments. It was not really a special day or a momentous occasion but there was something about that day that made me stop all thought and just reflect on how precious life is and I knew I would remember it forever. My little girl reminded me of a time of innocence, love and faith. It was heavenly.

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog can tell that I like sheep. We say each Sunday “Oh Lamb of God that takest away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us”. Like my sweet daughter, I say it in earnest because each week I need mercy. Each week I need forgiveness and each week I crave a reminder that God loves us more than we can imagine.

Ever glad at heart I am…