Sunday is for sinners…


I am one of those people who really needs to go to church.

It is not that I think organized religion is a panacea for what ails you…it is my need to be accountable to God. Yes, I am a born-again sinner and in church I find myself surrounded by fellow fallen angels. This is as it should be. We are in the right place to begin again to set things to rights.

My Anglican/Baptist soul longs to be reminded “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). I’m just your run of the mill backsliding, commandment breaking and wicked sinner. That would be me. I don’t take glory in this, in fact, I want to be perfect. It is just that perfect is so hard to accomplish.

I find that church is the one place that this sinner feels welcomed unconditionally. God whispers to me and tells me to take a load off – he’ll take my sorry soul and work some heavenly magic. I believe this. I turn myself over and realize that no matter how many times I muck things up…God will gift me some much needed grace. Without that promise, I’m not sure what would happen to me.

I’m grateful for reminders. I’m grateful for God’s never-ending grace. I’m just plain grateful.

See you next Sunday.


This land is your land…


The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men. Psalms 115:16

I am a huge fan of Wendell Berry. His stories and his poems celebrate the gifts that God has given to us…especially this world wherein we make our lives. Berry’s stories are a cautionary tale about caring for our earthly home and when he speaks in public, he is cautiously optimistic that there is a shift in how younger generations are starting to view this land. I love to hear his optimism but I also listen to his warnings. He truly cares about this world.

I mourn for the fact that we can’t seem to care for this gift. I mourn that greed and apathy rule such a wonderful place where we live, grow food, raise animals, and farm. Our Garden of Eden is not as God planned but it is never too late to make a change.

Already I see young families starting backyard gardens, recycling is increasing and the organic market is growing exponentially with the increasing population of millennials. Fast food is losing ground with a new generation. I hope it continues. It behooves us to remind the coming generations to take better care of our planet than we have done.

The good news – God takes care of the heavens. Heaven will make this earth pale in comparison and we will gasp at its glory. I look forward to that.