Magic Number

Mom Linda Easter

Yesterday was my annual mammogram. This day takes on an added importance when you have lost a mother to breast cancer.

The smells of the hospital, sounds of gurneys moving about and the whir of machinery take me back in time. Even eight years after losing my Mother, my five senses pick up and transport me back to uncomfortable memories. I’m a daughter hoping for a few more days with my beloved Mom.

Jean Parvin was a warrior and fought cancer to the end. The hospice staff considered sending her home because Mom had become the longest patient at the center. In my Mother’s world, every day mattered, even at the end when it was time to go. She just couldn’t give up. I admired that about her while still wishing her a peaceful journey.

One time Mom looked at me and said, “I always wanted to live to be 80.” It was the first time she uttered those words aloud. Soon thereafter she added, “But, I know I have drawn the short end of the straw.” She was 77.

From the beginning of her 15-year battle with this vile disease, we had agreed to talk openly with one another. So, we talked together and admonished the oncologist to always be honest with us both. It was a good decision.

I’m not a quitter and Mom wasn’t either. She just ran out of time and ran short of her 80-year age goal.

Yesterday, I sat in the waiting room saying the Lord’s Prayer. I didn’t want special favors; I just wanted to feel Mom’s loving spirit again…just a magic moment with her. That moment arrived when they told me I was clear for another year and I swear I could feel her presence in the room with me.

Thank you Lord Jesus for my Mother who taught me how to live and taught me how to die. I am deeply blessed.

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

The C-side of life.


45-rpm records always had an A-side and a B-side. The A side featured a recording that the artist felt was the best and most likely to receive “air play” on a radio station. In other words, it was the song most likely to become a hit with the public. Everyone wanted to hear the A-side and revel in greatness.

The B-side was a gamble and an additional “bonus” track that had potential although it retained a secondary ranking. No guarantees on the B-side.

This was the sort of musical record so many of us grew up playing. I remember placing the needle at the edge of the 45 disk and then flipping the record over later to check out the B-side. But most days, I wanted to play the A-side repeatedly. I wanted greatness.

If life were only that simple. If all our days were A-days and we could keep repeating them over and over. But some days are B-days and some days are worse. Some days are C-days. C-days are the hardest where there are few hits to be found.

We are not always promised A-days and in fact, C-days will happen more than we would like. But a person of faith knows that you power through knowing that the A-side of life will return.

And it will.

Hard days

Calendar Day 11th

Some days are just better than others. We can’t get away from that reality.

Some days we have difficult people surrounding us spreading strife and hatefulness. This is one of those days.

Some days we miss people who have meant so much to us and have now gone to glory. The pain runs long and deep for those we have lost. This is one of those days.

Some days there don’t seem to be good answers. This is one of those days.

But as a believer, I know better days are ahead. I’m grateful for a God who reminds us that all of this is only temporary and will pass. I’m grateful for even bad days.

…this is one of them

This is the day!

As Christians we are often told that every day is a great day and everything that happens has a purpose. After all, this is the day that the Lord has made…let us rejoice.

Honestly, some days are great and some days are not so great. Some days we have to work at happiness and other days the laughter flows like water. And that’s OK.

Anyone who expects life to be perfect will be sorely disappointed. But for believers, we know that disappointments come and go as we move forward in faith. Quite often, it is during the difficult moments that we find a deeper relationship with God. Enjoy the highs and work through the lows. It is just what we do. We believe this.

Someone once told me that Christians don’t have bad days. They have bad moments. A person of faith knows that something better is coming and we just walk through the valley and fear no evil. Life is good but God is better.

 “Not all of our days could be extraordinary.  But our lives still could be.”   ―  Erin Mckittrick