I was blind but now I see…


The church seems to disappoint me on a regular basis.

You would think that nothing new could surprise me but I am wrong; there are always surprises on the horizon. It seems that every church we join goes through some painful process including, but not limited to, death, infidelity, pastoral changes, suicide, alcoholism, more infidelity, cronyism, jealousy, divorce, and on and on. The list is seemingly endless.

I despise the excuse “well, we are only human” because that implies that you can get away with anything because we are not a lesser life form. I expect more.

I can’t keep changing churches. I can’t keep accepting this never-ending heartache. I am tired of special interest groups running our churches and “called” clergy who can’t behave.

I am tired.

It’s a good thing that I still believe in a loving God who looks down and marvels at how badly we have crapped things up in this world.

I am also glad that He still loves us.

I may be disappointed in the “church” but I will NEVER be disappointed in God. He is the one that never changes.

This I truly believe.

God looks down from heaven on all mankind to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God. Psalm 53:2

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