Start your Engines!


To be worthy of God is a goal we strive to reach…but it not attainable by good works. So why try? Because we are called to do so.

We had a Dodge Durango for many years which was a great car for an expanding family. After 100,000 miles though, the car began to show signs of wear and tear. The front seat would rock back and forth and would not lock in place. It was the ultimate joy ride if you travelled any distance. Suffice it to say, no one wanted to ride “shotgun” in this car. The back seats reflected years of juice, urp, goldfish and unknown residue.

But if you looked under the hood, you saw a finely tuned machine. My husband worked hard to keep it running through constant maintenance and TLC. Looking under the hood you would know that this car had another 100,000 miles of driving without any trouble. It was primed for action.

I challenge you to look under the hood of your soul. We are beat, worn and weary on the outside but under the hood should be a love for God that makes us close to perfection. Under the hood you should see a finely tuned machine that has been nurtured through prayer, worship and service.

Gentlemen and Ladies…”Start your engines”.

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