Harps in Heaven?


Sara Groves sings a beautiful and haunting song called “Conversations” and one of the lines is “I don’t know if there are harps in heaven.” She is sharing that as she grows older; there is a struggle with how to answer some questions that are unanswerable.

We know that God gives us a blueprint for building a foundation in Christ that will lead us homeward. We do know that God’s grace enables us to awake daily knowing that we are His. We do know that God has promised an eternal home far greater than the four walls that currently surround us and provide us with shelter.

I don’t know if there are harps in heaven, I don’t know for sure what heaven is really, really like. But I think that it is far better than anything I can possibly imagine. I have a feeling it will be better than my small brain can comprehend. I believe I will be blinded by its glory.

It’s the wonder of a love that cannot be imagined, of unending grace and God’s open arms. I believe it to be so. I rest my soul on this eternity.

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