Poor, poor, pitiful me.


Today was not an easy day. I like easy days.

In my chosen profession as a real estate agent, I am often part UN peace negotiator, Jack-of-all-trades and a soft shoulder to cry on. Problem is, no one wants to hear me cry. I compare my job to someone who works with newborns, brides and funeral home directors. We all reach people at emotional highs and lows. Some days are better than others but most days are pretty darn great.

But today was not one of those days.

However, as I prepare to go to sleep, I am reminded of the fact that I am pretty pitiful. Actually, I’m pretty pathetic. I have an awesome, soft and comfortable bed to lay my weary body upon. I have enjoyed a hot shower and my kids made dinner followed by a home-made pound cake. What in the world do I have to complain about? A roof, a bed and a full belly. Sounds like a pretty great day.

I have already asked Jesus to forgive me. My ungrateful heart is not worthy of His love and grace and yet I know He will be kind to me.

Tonight I will lay my head down and thank God for all the gifts that I am lucky enough to enjoy. I will thank Him for family, friends and pound cake. I’ll ask Him to give me a heart filled with gratitude and bless those who surround me.

God’s grace makes every day a blessing which is something I should never forget. May it be so.


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