Poundcake with Jesus

There was a time (think my rebellious era) when I would choose sleep before Jesus. That is what my friends would say to tease me when I would not wake up and go to church. Sleep before Jesus. I was pretty pathetic.

I have matured greatly over the years. I enjoy getting up and going to church on Sunday and I love the liturgy of the worship service. There is something soothing, calm and reassuring about hearing the words spoken for so many decades to so many people.

But I’m also shallow enough to admit that I love the poundcake they serve in the fellowship hall after church. It is absolutely delicious. I have been trying to figure out which of the wonderful ladies of our church make this particular poundcake. I have to say…I choose Jesus AND poundcake.

We have a lot of silly sayings in our family. If a good parking space opens up in a crowded mall, we will look at each other and say “Jesus loves us” and when we get the end seats at a packed football game…”Jesus loves us”. When a new grandchild arrives you KNOW we say “Jesus loves us”. It’s an acknowledgement of our blessings both great and small.

Someone asked me to explain how I can believe in Jesus. This sweet soul wanted tangible proof of Jesus and I explained to him that I can’t fabricate DNA but I can share how His love has changed my life. I can share what a difference He has made for my family. I can explain the sense of peace that permeates my soul. I can explain a lot.

Worship this Sunday. Listen to the words that God is speaking to you through the service and sermon. Then enjoy a piece of poundcake and know that Jesus loves you!

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