Everything is New Again!


I enjoy Christmas cards and still send them out each year. I no longer write long family epistles of our adventures and mishaps but I do try to personalize them so that the receiver knows I put some thought and prayer behind each card.

Christmas cards are a loving tradition that reminds those we love of the birth of Jesus Christ. Somehow sending an e-card or Facebook post just doesn’t seem personal enough for me and I would miss the connection that can only come from a beautiful card featuring the nativity scene, sheep (of course), THE star, or wise men. I like to see what a friend has selected and it makes me wonder what they were thinking or what drew them to that specific card. I often keep cards that I find particularly lovely.

This year I kept just one. It’s an odd choice but I keep it in my Bible and look at it almost daily. All it says is “And just like that, Everything is New Again” – no pictures, no Christmas theme even. I just liked the thought behind the message.

Christmas is easy to celebrate because the birth of a baby is a joyous event and especially the birth of Jesus Christ. The season of Lent leading to Good Friday is a little harder to walk through as a Christian because to do so we have to remember a difficult time of pain and suffering. Who wants to celebrate that? Who wants to see Jesus crucified? It’s painful to even think about this tragic just prophesized turn of events.

As I grow older I learn that the Easter season is truly a beautiful time of worship for Christians. We go through the hard memories to cross over to the good ones. We have a chance to reflect, remember and celebrate. We celebrate a life well lived, a Savior who loves us so much that he would die on a cross for us and the final resurrection on Easter Sunday. Now that is something we should be writing about. That is something for which we should send out glorious cards of celebration and hope. That is a time when Everything is New Again!

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