This is the day!

As Christians we are often told that every day is a great day and everything that happens has a purpose. After all, this is the day that the Lord has made…let us rejoice.

Honestly, some days are great and some days are not so great. Some days we have to work at happiness and other days the laughter flows like water. And that’s OK.

Anyone who expects life to be perfect will be sorely disappointed. But for believers, we know that disappointments come and go as we move forward in faith. Quite often, it is during the difficult moments that we find a deeper relationship with God. Enjoy the highs and work through the lows. It is just what we do. We believe this.

Someone once told me that Christians don’t have bad days. They have bad moments. A person of faith knows that something better is coming and we just walk through the valley and fear no evil. Life is good but God is better.

 “Not all of our days could be extraordinary.  But our lives still could be.”   ―  Erin Mckittrick


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